What should you do on active rest days?

It may surprise you but rest and recovery between workouts is the time when you lose fat and grow muscle. Working out is what initiates the changes in your body. Rest is as vital as working out. 

To keep your body strong and to recover quickly you need to eat as good and healthy as you can, and you need to drink plenty of water. That way you are building clean cells and flushing out the fat (and toxins). You want to be ready for the next workout! 

Active rest and what to do

It is important to change your attitude towards rest: many people allow themselves unhealthy “treats” and no exercise on their rest day. You have to start thinking of your rest days as part of your training, and reaching your goals, that is why you need active rest. 

Active rest involves taking a walk, or doing a stretch, or having a massage, or even a combination of them all.

Listen to your body, and only train again when you are ready.

Listen to your body, and only train again when you are ready. 

You may need less or more recovery time than other people. Try never to compare yourself with others. No two people are alike. 

Examples of active recovery activities:

  • yoga class,
  • yoga at home,
  • basic stretching,
  • cleaning the house,
  • light bike ride,
  • a long walk outdoors,
  • swimming,
  • roller skating,
  • light abs workout.

It is also good to use your days off for self care. Just allocate 20-30 minutes of your time for yourself only.

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