Meal prep and shopping tips for clean eating

Clean eating starts with choosing what you want to eat, then creating a plan and shopping list. This prep work is essential if you want to stick with eating healthy and clean, since you’re far more likely to continue on this journey if everything is available. Think: ready breakfasts, lunch, dinners and convenience of havingContinue reading “Meal prep and shopping tips for clean eating”

A quick guide for reducing sugar in your diet

Most people love sugar and surgery foods, but, as great as sugar might taste, it’s not so great for your health. Majority of people consume above the recommended dose of sugar daily. Here is a quick guide for reducing sugar in your diet. If extra weight around the hips isn’t enough to get you offContinue reading “A quick guide for reducing sugar in your diet”

10 fruits and veggies high in vitamin C

Fruits and veggies high in vitamin C Strawberries – 98mg vitamin C per cup (166g) Bell peppers – 190mg vitamin C per cup (149g) Kiwis – 167mg vitamin C per cup (180g) Broccoli – 81mg vitamin C per cup (91g) Black Currants – 181mg in 100 grams Kale – 53mg vitamin C per cup cookedContinue reading “10 fruits and veggies high in vitamin C”

Best times to eat for healthy weight loss

Best times to eat and few tips to remember for meal times. Of course everyone is different, and these are just suggestions but this schedule definitely works for improving health and fitness, which are the things I’m all about here.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet’s focus isn’t on your weight, but instead on improving your health, and specifically your heart health. It’s considered one of the healthiest ways of eating, is straightforward to follow, and is pretty flexible. It’s a way people in France, Spain, Greece and Italy eat, when they eat healthy. The Mediterranean diet isContinue reading “What is the Mediterranean Diet?”

21 foods high in protein – list with grams

Below you will find 21 foods high in protein to eat for healthier diet. Protein is a very important nutrient for healthy weight loss as it can make you feel fuller for longer. Diets higher in protein can reduce appetite, boost metabolism and have a good impact on hormones which regulate weight. Combining foods highContinue reading “21 foods high in protein – list with grams”

5 best foods to help with weight loss

Choosing the proper foods will help you with faster weight loss and to keep the weight off for longer. Each of these foods helps in its own way. When eaten together alongside an overall healthy diet, these five foods will aid in weight loss.Here are 5 must-have foods to help with weight loss: Leafy greensContinue reading “5 best foods to help with weight loss”