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How to take progress photos and track progress

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When you start exercising, your muscles will start to grow, and muscles weigh more than fat cells. You may see your weight increase on the scales, but may also notice that you are actually looking better. The best way to notice that you are doing well, is to see how you fit into your favourite clothes.

To stay on track you need to measure your progress since being able to measure your success is a crucial element to reaching your goals!

Plus you will see when to adjust your workout plan and meal plan if you’re not seeing results you want.

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So today I encourage you to measure your progress with weekly photos. Here is how to take progress photos:

  • I suggest you wear tight clothes,
  • you don’t have to be in your underwear! You can have your favourite sports bra and legging on and still see your progress,
  • stand in front of large mirror and take a selfie or, if you don’t have one, ask someone to take a photo of you,
  • take a picture from the front, side and back if you can,
  • you can set your camera on timer and rest it on something in front of you,
  • it is best to take those shots at the same time of the day (for example morning), and in similar or the same light.

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