Would you like to have a slimmer waist?

Reduce your waist in 7 days with this dairy detox challenge!

The benefits:

💚 better looking skin

💚 less bloating

💚 detoxify your gut & better digestion

💚 great way to start a healthy weight loss

What you get inside:

⚆ 7 days meal plan

⚆ dairy alternatives to common foods

⚆ shopping list for one week

⚆ list of foods and products considered as diary

⚆ and support from the coach if you get stuck

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If You’re frustrated with not being able to pull your stomach in, even if you tried doing abs exercises, you may be bloated. This detox can help you reduce waist, by providing simple cleanse and allowing your body to recover from eating too much dairy.

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • not being able to pull your stomach in when you try to tense it
  • feeling sluggish
  • you think you’re eating a bit too much cheese?
  • or you whole body feels a bit bloated

There’s no need to struggle anymore.

In 7 days I’ll show you how to detoxify from dairy, even if you like milk, cheese or ice cream. This is not a vegan or vegetarian program, you will still eat plenty of foods, including meat & eggs.

Women who take part in dairy detox often experience: less bloating, clearer skin – especially face, improved energy levels and reduction in PMS symptoms.

Simple 7 days Meal Plan with ready made Shopping list

You don’t have to think about anything (except maybe choosing new kinda yogurt which doesn’t have milk in it! You just need to go grocery shopping, and look for some new and delicious alternatives to dairy.

You still get to eat your favourite foods – just a little different

You get a list of dairy alternatives so that you feel full and satisfied on this plan. It's not a starvation diet, simply an example of a healthy week of eating.

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Hi I'm Monika and I turn busy women into fit babes, even if they don't have time! I’m a Nutritional Therapist and fitness professional, who used to be overweight & depressed! I know your struggles and I know what it feels like when you have no energy to do things, when you try to lose weight but you don’t know what to do first. Detox is one of those simple things which will get you started on a healthy weight loss journey. I will provide you with email support if you get stuck. I followed no dairy detox for 14 days instead of 7 despite the fact that I love cheese! It’s not hard, but you will have to put in a little bit of work!

vegetables and tomatoes on cutting board

The Dairy Detox Challenge 

  • get less bloat
  • slimmer waist
  • feel more energetic
  • detoxify the gut
  • feel happier & lighter
  • try new foods
  • get started on healthy journey

What’s inside:

7 DAYS MEAL PLAN - easy to use and all done for you - so you don’t have to think about what to eat for the next 7 days





There are no complicated recipes and you have full freedom to modify the plan to your own needs. Pork is not included in the program.

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