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Get back on track 1 on 1 coaching

30 minutes live chat session about how you get back on track and start feeling great again…

Diet makeover

Upgrade your diet like you would upgrade your wardrobe! We’ll take a look at your current diet and I’ll teach healthy swaps…


Dairy Detox Challenge

Reduce your waist in 7 days with this dairy detox challenge!

7 day fitness accountability coaching - Monika Anna Fitness - Header

7 days fitness accountability coaching

You know what you need to do…but need the extra push to do it? Get fitter and lose weight faster with one on one fitness accountability coaching!

Abs Guide Monika Anna Fitness

14 exercises for strong and lean core

Get your copy of this guide today! 14 exercises for strong and lean core. Start working towards slim waist right away!


Get in shape starter pack:

Finally get in control and design your own workout program and meal plan!

10 Food Truths and Myths Monika Anna Fitness

10 truths and myths about food

Is protein bad for you? How about egg yolk? Should you eat breakfast or not? No more confusion. Find out today – download the guide.